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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Your Daily Dose of Stupidity (7/14/10)

If you were selling something like, say, a motorcycle helmet, and you posted it on CraigsList, you would expect to get a reply from someone who might know something about what they want. You'd think. However, sometimes you actually find those "geniuses" (or actually they they seem to find you) who have no clue and aren't even listening to themselves.

Such is the case with the girl who wanted to buy an extra-small helmet for herself because she just started riding. The sale seemed to be going on its way pretty well, with the girl insisting, after measuring herself, that the extra-small would fit. However, toward the end, when things were nearing completion, the girl had a final thought. I believe the parting words were, "I think I'll just keep looking, because I know my boyfriend's helmet fits me perfectly, and it's a large."

C'mon now. You know that's brilliant. There is, after all, only a slight difference between an extra-small and a large, right? In some delusional minds, I guess.