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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monsterpics #4

My wife asked me to make her a Monsterpic, with her holding her fuel of choice. I don't think she realized what she was getting herself into. Here's what happened...

Crouching Monster, Hidden Raven

Monsterpics #3

Like we didn't already know this...

Monsterpics #2


Monsterpics #1

I accidentally started a new personal trend. A theme, if you will. My wife, our friend, and I are all rather addicted to Monster energy drinks. It's my fault, actually. I've loved those things for ages. Our friend used to be addicted to Red Bull, but I've guided her towards the light. I could never get Wifey to like any energy drinks, until I showed her the glory that is Monster Java. Monster makes us all happy. At the end of a hard day, it's not the stiff drink that makes life easier (although the Irish in me does crave that more than once in awhile), it's the Monster.

As a joke, one day, I shortened the name of the Java she drinks (Loca Moca) to LoMoMon (Loca Moca Monster), and mentioned that it sounded like a Pokemon name. Inspired by that thought, I opened my GIMP (photomanipulation and digital painting software) and got to work. Within 10 minutes I had this:
I sent it to her with the caption "LoMoMon, I choose you!!" :)

Now, this is by no means perfect workmanship, but what can you expect out of 10 minutes during a lunch break? I decided, then, that I would continue this trend and create random MonsterPics. I'll be posting them here as they come.