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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monsterpics #4

My wife asked me to make her a Monsterpic, with her holding her fuel of choice. I don't think she realized what she was getting herself into. Here's what happened...

Crouching Monster, Hidden Raven

Monsterpics #3

Like we didn't already know this...

Monsterpics #2


Monsterpics #1

I accidentally started a new personal trend. A theme, if you will. My wife, our friend, and I are all rather addicted to Monster energy drinks. It's my fault, actually. I've loved those things for ages. Our friend used to be addicted to Red Bull, but I've guided her towards the light. I could never get Wifey to like any energy drinks, until I showed her the glory that is Monster Java. Monster makes us all happy. At the end of a hard day, it's not the stiff drink that makes life easier (although the Irish in me does crave that more than once in awhile), it's the Monster.

As a joke, one day, I shortened the name of the Java she drinks (Loca Moca) to LoMoMon (Loca Moca Monster), and mentioned that it sounded like a Pokemon name. Inspired by that thought, I opened my GIMP (photomanipulation and digital painting software) and got to work. Within 10 minutes I had this:
I sent it to her with the caption "LoMoMon, I choose you!!" :)

Now, this is by no means perfect workmanship, but what can you expect out of 10 minutes during a lunch break? I decided, then, that I would continue this trend and create random MonsterPics. I'll be posting them here as they come.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Your Daily Dose of Stupidity (7/14/10)

If you were selling something like, say, a motorcycle helmet, and you posted it on CraigsList, you would expect to get a reply from someone who might know something about what they want. You'd think. However, sometimes you actually find those "geniuses" (or actually they they seem to find you) who have no clue and aren't even listening to themselves.

Such is the case with the girl who wanted to buy an extra-small helmet for herself because she just started riding. The sale seemed to be going on its way pretty well, with the girl insisting, after measuring herself, that the extra-small would fit. However, toward the end, when things were nearing completion, the girl had a final thought. I believe the parting words were, "I think I'll just keep looking, because I know my boyfriend's helmet fits me perfectly, and it's a large."

C'mon now. You know that's brilliant. There is, after all, only a slight difference between an extra-small and a large, right? In some delusional minds, I guess.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Uno. Dos. Tres. Etc.

You know, I used to be really good at the game Uno. Really good. As in, I won a lot. But right around the time my wife was pregnant with Trinity, those skills began to wane. I'm convinced that the child has somehow stolen my crazy Uno-winning mojo and gave them right to her mother. Trin is 4 years old now, and I haven't won a game in quite some time. Rae and I tend to play these long, drawn-out games to 1000 points, and they usually span about 6 months to a year before we finish a game. This latest round is very sad in the Jorjiverse. As it stands now, she has approximately 630 points. I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I'm at a whopping 88 points. I'm not going to win this round, but I'm going to keep playing because I just love to play. I'm not a sore loser. I'm just a loser. Trinity, when you are old enough to read this, I will probably be at the point where I'm not scoring at all, and Mommy's simply tossing all her cards at the pile before I can even put down my first (after having to draw four a few thousand times, of course.) I want my skills back, Trin. I need to be an Uno ninja again. Daddy loves you. Punk.

Peace OutSide!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Conversations with Li'l Chaos (the 4-year-old) Part 3

A lovely bedtime story for you. The other night I went upstairs to help Li'l Chaos pick out some pajamas before continuing with the bedtime routine. She asked if she could wear her zip-up jammies. It had been a very warm day, and her room was still pretty toasty. Too toasty to be wearing toasty jammies, so I told her "No," and picked out a set of shorts-and-t-shirt jammies for her, explaining that she shouldn't wear anything with long sleeves tonight. She pointed out another pair of jammies, asking if she could wear those ones. They weren't zip-up jammies, but they were long sleeves and long pants. I explained, again, why she couldn't wear those jammies:

Me: Trin, I just said that you shouldn't wear anything long tonight. It's far too hot in your room for that.
Trinity: Why?
Me: Come in here. (We both walk into the bedroom.) See how warm it is? Way too hot for warm jammies, right?
Trinity: Uh huh.
Me: Okay, so put these ones on, and we can go downstairs and have a snack.
Trinity: Can I wear these ones tomorrow?
Me: Which ones?
Trinity: (Holding up the shorts set) These ones.
Me: What would you wear tonight?
Trinity: Those ones. (Once again, indicating the long sleeve set.)
Me: Trin, I just finished explaining to you that it's too hot for those.
Trinity: Why?
Me: Because it was hot out today, and it's still hot in your room, and you will be too hot if you put those ones on! Do you understand??
Trinity: (looking straight up at the ceiling, with a brief, thoughtful pause.) ...Last time it was my birthday.
Me: Please just go downstairs...

I like to refer to conversations like these as "Eye-Fork Conversations" because by the end of the conversation, I want to stick a fork in my eye. I love my kids. And I'm fairly certain I'll also love being in that padded room, wearing my nice, new I-love-me jacket sometime when they're all teens.

Peace OutSide!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

This Topic Has No Topic

I'm writing to rant, and ranting to write.
Here are some things I hate:

-VW Beetle drivers who take WIDE turns. Seriously?

-Drivers who go out of their way to cut you off so they can continue to go slow without anyone in their way.

-Not being able to talk to an actual human being on the phone when I call customer service numbers.

-Talking to human beings who I can't understand when I call customer service numbers. "Yeah, can I get the automated voice back, please? It was more helpful than you."

-The "Stand Clear - Automatic Sliding Door" stickers. WTF?? Why am I going to stand clear?? If it swings out and hits me, IT'S BROKEN!

-Broken automatic sliding doors. Man, I feel dumb standing in front of this thing, after almost walking into it.

-When one side of a double door is locked. I almost always choose the locked one to try to open. Someone is seriously out to make me feel like an idiot. Unlock them both! Just in case I feel the sudden need to burst through them like a super hero!

*disclaimer - may be considered icky*
-Urine on the floor of the men's room. Dude, it's not that big. Take a step in. We're aiming (pun intended) for cleanliness here, not distance.

-People who set their cell phone to "speaker" and then HOLD IT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE ANYWAY. (I drive past these geniuses on a regular basis.) You're not thinking this through, are you? You've got the damn phone IN YOUR HAND! What's the difference between holding it to your ear and holding it in front of your face?! A few inches, maybe? Either buy yourself a mount, so you can use the speaker feature without looking like a complete loser, or just talk on it like a normal, sane, pre-cancerous human being. Better yet, hang up and drive, because you are obviously incapable of logical thought with that thing in your hand.

-Ketchup juice. yeah, I said it.

-Cold pizza. Sorry, I just can't do it.

-Tomatoes. Here's where I'm weird. (Shoosh, I know what you're thinking.) I like just about everything that's made with tomatoes, but I can't stand actual tomatoes. It's a very strange, alien, larval fruit-thing. Nice-looking on the outside, slime and seeds on the inside. Sorry, but I prefer my fruit to be solid all the way through. Tomatoes aren't done yet. Ever. Peppers are made right, but I don't like them, either.

-People who, when they cross the street in front of your car on foot, run halfway, then stop to walk once they are in front of you. It's as if they are saying, "Whoa, I gotta hurry up before they change their mind!" Then, "Haha, you can't go now because I'm here." Sometimes I just want to start rolling forward when they do that. Maybe it'll scare them into continuing that little sprint they didn't want to finish.

I guess I lied. We had a topic. A somewhat angry topic, but oh well. I hope you're at least somewhat amused. There are, of course, plenty of other things that tick me off, but my anger tank is empty. I'm off to enjoy the nice weather. The sun makes me happy. Right before it burns my eyeballs out of my head.

Peace OutSide!

Friday, April 23, 2010

My "New" Gadget

Enough about the iPad. Really, I've kinda had my fill. I'm sure it's novel and all (pun intended, since it's said to be a Kindle/Nook killer) but I've got something better. Not many people know about it, but it's been around for awhile, under the radar.

It's called the iPad Small. Trust me, it's great. Not only can you do almost everything a full-sized iPad does, but it FITS RIGHT IN YOUR POCKET! Wow! Check this out!


(Disc-lame-er: There is no such thing as an iPad Small. It's actually an iPod Touch/iPhone. The iPad doesn't really exist either. It's just an iPod Giant.)

The Future is Now!

Company: Hewlett-Nintendonysoft

Product: The most complete gaming/social networking/computer entertainment system ever created. It's called the PlayWiiFaceBoxStation3-60.

Operating System: HN Windinux SnowTiger X (with optional downgrade to Windows 7 or Vista, one of which will not work, ever)

Interface: Choice or combination of Keyboard/Mouse and/or sixaxis motion joymotestickchuk (comes with flashlight and lolipop, batteries not included)

Some Launch Titles:
*Hewlett-Nintendonysoft Office Suite 2015 Professional Plus Minus Longdivision
*Super Final Mario Fantasy XX ODST Universe
Text of Duty: Modern Warcraft 8
Left for Zelda 3: Resident Hero 6: Fatal Final Fallout 4: Boomstick
Adoborel Dreamphotofireshop Publishworks Pro
Sonic the Hedgehog

MSRP $5,999.98

Wow! All this for LESS THAN $6,000!!

titles included with purchase
(Super Final Mario Fantasy XX ODST Universe comes with a free six-minute MMO trial, before you pay the minimal $50/day fee. 0.06% discount for those who pre-pre-order!!)

Conversations with Li'l Chaos (the 3-year-old) Part 2

So, I'm in the kitchen, cutting a lemon, when I hear a small voice from the dining room ask, "Daddy, am I a freak?"

"Yes, Trin. Yes, you are most certainly a freak."
"I know I'm a freak."
(insert brief silence here)
"Freak freak freak freak. Freak freak freeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaak. I'm a freak."
"Yup, you're a freak."

My daughter's a freak.
The end.

From the Why-Do-I-Bother Dept. - Part 1

Me: Livy, before you start playing that game, you should put your big water bottle on the dining room table so Nixie doesn't grab it and run off.
Olivia: ...
Me: Liv! Did you hear me?
Olivia: No.
Me: I said, before you start playing that game, you should put your big water bottle on the dining room table so Nixie doesn't grab it and run off.
Olivia: (grabbing the water bottle) Nixie, can you go put this on the table for me?
Phoenix: Yeah.


Rear-Facing Back Seat Children

A brief car conversation between our oldest daughters and my wife. True story.

Julia: Mom! Olivia just said that man in the car behind us is ugly.
Raven: (chuckles) Livy!
(brief silence)
Raven: Well... is he?
Julia: (reluctantly admits) Yes...

Your Daily Dose of Stupidity (10/7/09)

CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) - A man suffered injuries to his arms after he and a friend hopped the fence at a Canadian zoo early on Monday and stuck his hands into the tiger exhibit, zoo officials said.

The Calgary Zoo said the two men sneaked into the facility after midnight and headed to the Siberian tiger enclosure, where one of the men climbed over an outer fence.

"He did not enter the exhibit, but did come into contact with one of the tigers and sustained significant injuries to his arms," the zoo said in a statement.

Alerted to the situation, security guards took the alleged intruders to their office, where the injured man was treated before being rushed to hospital.

Police are investigating.

Jorj Says:
Police are investigating?? What is there to investigate?? How about investigating the questionable mental faculties of this idiot who thought it was a good idea to sneak into a zoo and stick his arm into a TIGER CAGE! There's one case for you where stupidity actually WAS painful. Moron...

Conversations with Li'l Chaos (the 3-year-old) Part 1

Trinity: Get me a drink.
Me: ...
Trinity: Get me a drink.
Me: Try that again.
Trinity: Please get me a drink.
Me: Try asking.
Trinity: Can you please get me a drink?
Me: Yes. What do you want?
Trinity: Open the fridge. (she's nowhere near the fridge, so she can't see what's in it, even if I do open it.)
Me: We have milk, water, and apple juice.
Trinity: I would like apple juice.
Me: Okay.
Trinity: Is it apple?
Me: What do YOU think? Is it APPLE Juice?
Trinity: Yup.
Me: ...
Trinity: Is it Apple?
Me: Trin, if it's APPLE juice, do you think it would have APPLE in it?
Trinity: Yup.
Me: Okay then.
Trinity: Is it apple?

These are the type of conversations we have on a daily basis. {sigh}