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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Future is Now!

Company: Hewlett-Nintendonysoft

Product: The most complete gaming/social networking/computer entertainment system ever created. It's called the PlayWiiFaceBoxStation3-60.

Operating System: HN Windinux SnowTiger X (with optional downgrade to Windows 7 or Vista, one of which will not work, ever)

Interface: Choice or combination of Keyboard/Mouse and/or sixaxis motion joymotestickchuk (comes with flashlight and lolipop, batteries not included)

Some Launch Titles:
*Hewlett-Nintendonysoft Office Suite 2015 Professional Plus Minus Longdivision
*Super Final Mario Fantasy XX ODST Universe
Text of Duty: Modern Warcraft 8
Left for Zelda 3: Resident Hero 6: Fatal Final Fallout 4: Boomstick
Adoborel Dreamphotofireshop Publishworks Pro
Sonic the Hedgehog

MSRP $5,999.98

Wow! All this for LESS THAN $6,000!!

titles included with purchase
(Super Final Mario Fantasy XX ODST Universe comes with a free six-minute MMO trial, before you pay the minimal $50/day fee. 0.06% discount for those who pre-pre-order!!)

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