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Friday, April 23, 2010

My "New" Gadget

Enough about the iPad. Really, I've kinda had my fill. I'm sure it's novel and all (pun intended, since it's said to be a Kindle/Nook killer) but I've got something better. Not many people know about it, but it's been around for awhile, under the radar.

It's called the iPad Small. Trust me, it's great. Not only can you do almost everything a full-sized iPad does, but it FITS RIGHT IN YOUR POCKET! Wow! Check this out!


(Disc-lame-er: There is no such thing as an iPad Small. It's actually an iPod Touch/iPhone. The iPad doesn't really exist either. It's just an iPod Giant.)


  1. LMAO! This item is:

  2. ...Well, at least the post is. Heeheehee.

  3. You know you want one. it's free for me, because I already have it.

  4. Added from Penny Arcade:
    "There might come a day where I don't feel like a %@&# using an iPad in a public place, but that day isn't here yet. It's a little too ostentatious, like toting around a scepter. I don't like it. The only thing it can do that my iPhone can't is be more expensive."

  5. god, the only thing more yup than owning an Ipad is riding a Segway around.

    and LOL at "ipad small". Although I would rather market the pad as an "iPhone Giga" and watch people try and put it up to their ears and call people.