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Friday, May 13, 2011

Eye Rant and Eye Rant...

Okay, it must be said. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this. Or perhaps I'm the only one who would think about this. But here it is.

You know those things above our eyes? No, not the eyebrows. Lower. There ya go. Right on the lids. Those little hairs. I know they serve a purpose. Their one and only purpose is not to make eyes look prettier. It is to keep things, like dust or debris, or small animals, from getting in our eyes. What a concept! Sounds good, in theory. But consider this. While they are busy keeping things out, what is the one thing that always goes right in your eye?? A FRIKKIN' EYELASH!! Shouldn't we have a secondary line of defense against that first line of defense? Perhaps another row of eyelashes. Yeah, so when the first row tries to drop one onto our precious little orbs, we have that added protection. But then there's the chance that the second line of defense drops one of their little soldiers in. Really, we're screwed. Eyelashes defy their very purpose by not being immortal. If they never got old and fell out, we wouldn't have this issue. But no. Our tiny eyeball troops are as human as we are, and don't last forever. So they drop. Then we pick them up (or out). Then what do we do? We make a frikkin' wish on it before breath-blasting it into oblivion! You know what my wish is? I wish my eyelashes would stop falling out.

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