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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Sing-Off Week 8

I'll keep it short this week, since I'm super late, and there's not much to say. It was rock & country night this week, and there were only 6 groups left. Sadly, Delilah were the ones to go this time around. Their performances, while emotionally charged and entertaining, were just not good enough to keep up.

I'm highlighting two performances this week. Vocal Point did great, with a killer performance of Rascal Flatt's remake of "Life is a Highway."

This will be the first week I'm not going to gush about Pentatonix. Also it's the first week I'm blatantly lying in a post.

I think they're my winners this season. They are extremely consistent, and more creative than the majority of the other groups, as well as sounding bigger than the quintet that they are. I'll be first in line to buy their album.

Until next week,

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