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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not Always Right - 100% Chance Of Disaster

100% Chance Of Disaster


(I answer calls for technical support within the company.)

Caller: “My computer is a fire risk.”
Me: “What makes you say that?”
Caller: “It gets hot. There are papers near it.”
Me: “If you’re worried about it, you can move the papers away.”
Caller: “I am moving the papers, but you must send someone to look at it.”
Me: “Computers usually get warm–”
Caller: “You don’t understand. My computer is a fire risk!”
Me: “Okay, I’ll log a job and get someone to look at it.”
Caller: “When? It is very urgent. I need someone to come now.”
(I log the job and ring the technician to explain that the customer is very keen to have someone come as soon as possible. The next day, he rings me back to tell me what happened.)
Technician: “You know that computer that was a fire risk?”
Me: “Yes?”
Technician: “She meant it was on fire.”

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