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Monday, May 20, 2013

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Based off of a little nostalgic moment I had today.

I was out at a toy store, playing with the 3-year-old child of a friend, and I found this plastic dinosaur egg that you could open and close. While she took it and partook in imaginative play, I reverted back to my own childhood and started rapidly opening and closing it. Thinking about it even now makes me stim with excitement, it was just so FUN. The sound it made, the feeling of the clicking, how the plastic fit so perfectly together, I dunno it was just great.

And so, I made a little comic about it.


oh god YES



LOL OMG So true!! I do this with my various puzzle cubes. I’ll be mixing one up to solve, and I’ll just keep turning and turning and turning and turning…

Or I’ll be mixing up one of my protein shakes, and I’ll have the hand mixer in the glass… And I’ll just keep it going forever so I can watch the liquid spin! Haha, this is great!

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